Wolfgang Puck Cooking School – a very informative cooking experience

Wolfgang Puck Cooking School  is an online cooking course that is personally presented by Wolfgang Puck who is a world famous chef. Wolfgang shares a wealth of information from his years of experience.

The Wolfgang Puck Cooking school provides  professional videos with extremely informative yet simple recipes and techniques that the home chef can use e.g. –  Wolfgang uses everyday ingredients to add secret enhancements to his dishes.

I joined the course and cooked several recipes  and my comments are below.

What is Wolfgang Puck Cooking School All About?

What I loved about the Wolfgang Puck Cooking School was the very personal and informative content and while the recipe is presented by Wolfgang himself- he adds helpful hints while cooking the dish and explains why he does the enhancements to the dishes.

The videos are also divided into logical sections like introduction, preparation, cooking and presentation.

I found this online cooking course really helpful in that it added a deeper understanding to my cooking and provided good shortcuts to enhance cooking methods as well as presentation.


How many videos does Wolfgang’s Cooking School have?

Wolfgang Puck Cooking school has close to 300 videos

Content Organisation

The Cooking school is divided into the following areas

Most Popular recipes which includes dishes like the decadent chocolate dessert, gourmet macaroni cheese and a classic potato gratin amongst others

Cooking Courses – shows all the courses which includes amongst others- make the perfect omlette, best lasagne, perfect asian salad, famous chicken pot pie, perfect pan roast chicken, best fried chicken, butterscotch pudding, and holiday cookies

As you can see there is a wide variety of dishes and Wolfgang adds new recipes all the time as there is a section called latest courses

There is also a section called Wolfgang Signature dishes – this section has some really good recipes and I cooked the butterflied  pan roasted chicken with port and whole grain mustard – it was delicious and easy to cook and impressed the family

There is also a section on “how to” – these are short videos which provide short yet informative explanations to cooking techniques e.g. how to make certain sauces,Wolfgang’s Secrets, baking and desserts, prep skills and techniques amongst others

The recipe tab breaks down all the different categories of recipes.  Choose a category and check out the choices.  There’s also an Equipment tab, which has specific recipes that correspond with his different appliances.  But in general, the cooking school is set up for the average home chef to use whatever pots, pans, etc. they already have.



How much is tuition?

You can enjoy unlimited Wolfgang Cooking School for $9.95 per month

 Anything Free

The first 14 days are for free

Research Results for Wolfgang Cooking School 

I looked at Facebook -.over 2000 likes

Final Verdict

I recommend Wolfgang Puck Cooking School as it really enhanced my cooking with many extremely easy to follow videos which were professionally presented by the chef himself who explains the elements as he cooks and gives you insights as he cooks – when I cooked a few dishes my family was very impressed -and thats all that matters

I recommend you try Wolfgang Puck Cooking School


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