Why Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Certification will elevate your cooking career to the next level

Rouxbe Plant Based Certification


The Rouxbe Proffessional Plant-Based Certification Course is an extremely well structured and highly informative cooking course that covers nearly all aspects in order for you to become professional and a proficient chef in your kitchen.
I found this course one of the best I have ever done as it tested my ability as well as my understanding – it followed a structured approach which certainly made me retain the knowledge and consolidate it

There is a good introductory video which explains the platform – I recommend you watch this
The course is very organised and has clear instructions

The dashboard shows over 400 tasks and also includes a summary of all your tasks and includes a summary of your progress, course content videos how you have ranked, live events etc.,
It also gets you to cook and upload photos of your dish – the instructions are clearly defined and Rouxbe provides support videos on how to do the tasks
There are extremely cleaver ways of making your basic dishes become 5 star both in taste and presentation – loved the kale salad video

How does Rouxbe Plant Based Course work?

Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certification Course

Rouxbe Plant-Based Professional Certification Course

The Rouxbe Proffessional Plant-Based Certification Course is offered only a few times a year
On completion and with a minimum average of 75% mark you will be awarded a Certificate of completion – the way to achieve this is through multiple choice quizzes, written assignments, cooking dishes, image upload of your cooked dishes and interactive activities to attain marks for the assignments
There are numerous helpful charts which help consolidate your knowledge – these are in downloadable format so what I did was printed them out and pasted them in my scarp book of helpful hints

You can also preview sections of the course so if you want to dive into a particular area that you would like to improve on then you can do this
There are summaries of what is going to be taught and even before you learn there is a prequiz to first test your knowledge then the program teaches the concepts – I found this excellent as you can see the growth of your knowledge
An example of a section summary follows below

At the end of this unit, you will be able to:
• Apply plant-based cooking principles for building breakfasts e.g. smoothies
• Prepare quick, plant-based lunches
• Select salad greens and assemble salads with diverse ingredients
• Develop quick and nutritious dinners, including veggie burgers and one-pot meals
• Create every day, simple plant-based desserts
Some of the areas I enjoyed the most were:
The great Mise en place-probably the greatest quantum leap to my cooking efficiency
Brilliant prep storage hints – something that has been holding me back in batch preparation
The flavour combinations is another good lesson I learnt – how to make a dish with combinations
The ideas about bringing flavours into dishes e.g. using citrus juices, zests alcohol , fruit pastes
Lots of tables are included – one I enjoyed was the categorization of herbs and spices and produce into the different cuisines form various countries
There also is a black box challenge – this really test your cooking abilities and gets you thinking outside the box ( excuse the pun)
In the soup section there are helpful hints on adding some very interesting flavour enhances by adding vibrant colour and subtle flavour
Also the section on relishes and salsa I enjoyed really simple and to the point

How many videos does Rouxbe have?

There are a large amount of videos too numerous to count – they are of an exceptionally high standard and are clear and concise

How much is tuition?

The course is offered at about 1200 – 1500 usd but sometimes specials are offered and the course covers a 6 month period – this is a high value course and is of an exceptional high standard and support – it would be money well spent

Anything Free

No- this plant based course is professional and you get a professional certificate at the end of the course

The course costs is between 1200 and and 1500 USD – there are sometimes discounts offered and the course is 6 months long

Research Results for Rouxbe Plant Based Course

Plant Based Pro Course

Plant Based Pro Course

Within each course there is a rating section – most of the ratings are 5 star which shows the very high standard of the courses both in quality of video and content.

Final Verdict

  • The highlights that I learnt from the the Rouxbe plant based course course and can best be described under the following broad categories
    -Built my knowledge on nutrition
    -Map of cooking
    -Identifying ingredients and restocking my fridge and refrigerator and even navigating a supermarket
    -Retooling the kitchen so you can cook efficiently
    -Good in depth tests that consolidated my knowledge
  • Helpful hints on preparing pasta and producing various variations of pasta
  • There are the occasional test that check in which sequence to do an activity – this consolidated my knowledge
  • Cooking without oil really opened up a whole new world to me and also the reduction and concentration methods – this added intense flavours to meals – also no oil dressings and marinades really made my cooking exciting and I cooked some awesome sauces
  • The wild mushroom gravy was a recipe I will use again and again
  • Another great section was the non-cooking section – this to me added the finishing touches to enhance my cooking and taking it to the next level
  • Plant based entertaining added a professional edge to my entertainment

In summary – I really recommend Rouxbe Professional Plant-Based Certification Course especially if you would like to cook healthier and at the same time add a professional and exciting change to your cooking- I really enjoyed it

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