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Russel James is the Chef who has a wealth of experience in Raw Food preparation and teaching. He has catered for hundreds of people for raw food only events ,taught people in raw culinary academy’s, delivered online courses, blogs and gained feedback on how best to teach the raw food preparation for the home chef, so you are in good hands.

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The Raw Chef Cooking course teaches the skills and techniques behind cooking with raw food and uses step by step videos to deliver the content including some really great recipes. Using a combination of instructional video, recipes,  and a forum , The Raw Chef  online cooking classes provides an all encompassing instruction on how to cook with raw food from knife skills to plating .The Raw Chef  gives you the opportunity of taking cooking classes from your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace.  Raw food is fruits, vegetables, nut and seeds all ‘cooked’ below a temperature of 118 degrees F, so as to maintain the nutritional qualities and life-force of the food, which are in turn passed on to you when you eat them.

How does the Raw Chef Cooking School work?

How does The Raw Chef work?

When you join the Raw Chef Cooking Course -Russel James takes you through a very good introduction as to how system works by explaining how the course is drip fed or alternatively if you want all the videos at the same time you can request this.

The dashboard shows you to which courses you have access to and is very easy to follow.

The available courses are as follows:

1 The Week Day Raw course

By clicking on the tab called week day raw you can see the schedule when you get your videos.

There are 7 modules in the course divide as follows Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn,Staples, Light Cooking Techniques and Bonuses

The videos included in this course are:

Mushroom Broccoli Curry, Guacamole, Sea Veg Croquettes,Fridge Fudge, Avocado Lime Soup, Thai Norri Bite, “Bacon” Bits, Flax Crackers, Cacao Crispies, Pink Nori Rolls, Thai Fettuccine Salad, Chocolate Truffles,Tortillas,Re fried Beans, Pi co De Gallo & Tacos, How To Grow Sunflower Greens (Soaking & Sprouting), Knife Skills (Techniques), Pear & Dried Winter Fruit Stuffing (Christmas Recipes), Carrot & Onion Bread, How To Grow Wheat grass, Portobello Meatloaf,Mince Pies and  Corn Tortilla Chips & Nachos.

2 The raw chef course

By clicking on the tab called monthly academy you can see the schedule when you get your videos.

This is a 10 week course – videos released week by week  and the following is covered:

  1. In the kitchen -covers knife skills/ingredients/equipment/has video recipes – has all recipes of the course in here Russel goes in depth into flavour balancing, so your own palate, not a recipe, will be all you need to make an amazing meal.
  2. Salads and dressings -How to create amazing salad dressings from what you have in the fridge.
  3. Pasta and noodles How to make amazing sauces with flavours that burst
  4. Main dishes – you’ll  learn essential techniques that can be used in your own recipes.
  5. Fermented foods -How to take your health to the next level with fermented foods.
  6. Cheeses- how to culture cheeses, so you don’t have to rely on nutritional yeast to imitate that flavour
  7. Breads and sandwiches How to make nut-free bread to make sandwiches that can be frozen and thawed when needed.
  8. Elixirs – Which is better, green juices or green smoothie
  9. Breads and wraps earn how to use just the right amount of flax seed to create a pliable wrapper, that you can fill with a whole variety of fillings for a delicious lunch.
  10. Sushi -Learn how wrap your sushi in avocado, just the sushi restaurants do.

3 The raw dessert course

By clicking on the tab called monthly academy you can see the schedule when you get your videos.

This is a 10 week course – videos released week by week

The following topics are covered

Ingredients,Quick and easy,Breakfast and brunch,Ice creams,Chocolate 1,Chocolate 2,Nut free,Tarts and cakes,Pastries and treats

 How much is tuition?

1 Complete Beginners 

The cost is just $95 USD for Lifetime Access

2 Foundational Courses (120 Easy Raw Food Recipes)

Price of the online course is $395 USD

3 Core Courses 

Price of the online course is $595 USD

4 Enthusiast Courses 

Price of these online courses are $297 USD


 Anything Free

You can get 10 Raw Food Recipes for free when you sign up. To access the the Raw Chef , you need to a pay upfront by selecting one of the cooking plans. You can access via  drip feed method or you can request all of the videos to be available to you at once.

Research Results for The Raw Chef

Here are some Raw Chef user feed backs :

I was very impressed with Russell James’ raw and living foods cuisine. He’s a pleasure to work with and a rising culinary star.”

– David Wolfe

Hailed as UK’s Leading Raw Chef by The Times of London

Over 10 000  likes on Face book
Numerous positive comments on the blogs

 Final Verdict

I have done many of the instructional  videos on The Raw Chef Cooking Course and I strongly  recommend this course as the best Raw Chef course available as it really teaches you the raw food concepts in a very basic and  clear  approach. You can request the entire curriculum or have it drip fed in a more manageable way ( I prefer this approach otherwise it could become overwhelming).  Russel James  has added a new dimension to my cooking and eating and I have felt the health benefits of eating raw food- it helped me to make good enough food that excited me and have enjoyed the process as opposed to relying on a self motivation to cook.

My family are already eating a far more healthy diet by me doing this course.

The course is viewable on Ipads and follows a logical and easy process to follow ( see above under the heading How Does The Raw Chef Work?).


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