Bluprint online cooking class


How does Bluprint online cooking class work?

Bluprint is an online training  platform that includes online cooking classes covering a range of  topics. These  topics include

  • Bakingartisan bread making,pie crust,french pastry,French Pastry Shop Classics, Savory Tarts, Classic Croissants, Handmade Sourdough bread,Sensational Doughnuts,Gluten Free Baking and Decadent Chocolate Cakes.
  • Culinary Techniques  Mastering the Braise, Fire up the Fish,  All about Chicken, 20 Essential Cooking Techniques, BBQ at Home, Roasting Techniques, Building Favorable Soups, Mother Sauces, Pan Sauces and The Art of Stir Frying.
  • Healthy Cooking Love your Vegetables, Hearty Vegetarian Dishes, Mediterranean Favorites and Healthy Mediterranean.International Cuisine
  • International Cuisines Classic Italian Pasta Sauces , How to Make Gnocchi, Vietnamese Classics,  Homemade Italian Classics, Thai Cooking, French Home Cooking, Favorite Asian Dumplings, Classic Italian Pasta Sauces, Italian Soups and Mexican Street Food.
  •  Food Crafts Salty Snacks, Artisan Cheese Making, Jam and Marmalade,Food Gifts.
  •  Cake Decorating -Vintage Cake Design,Jeweled Wedding Cake Class, Modern Piping Class, Clean Simple Cake Design and lots more.

The 3 online cooking classes  I did were Pan Sauces,Roasting Techniques and The Art of Stir Frying and I really enjoyed them -see my comments below under Final Verdict. Bluprint is a little different to other online cooking courses I have done in that it is conducted by experts who have written their own cook books in their area of expertise – the instructors give you great tips and shortcuts on the detailed topics. In addition, the courses assumes a very basic level of understanding so they are very easy to follow for the beginner cook.

 How much is tuition?

This varies from class to class- the prices vary from about $21 to over $40 – there are however quite a few sales that occur – so as long as you are registered with Craftsy you will get what is on sale.

 Anything Free

There are some free classes for example Creative Ways with Whole Grains,Complete Knife Skills and Perfect Pizza at Home.

 Research Results for Bluprint

Within each course there is a rating section – most of the ratings are 5 star which shows the very high standard of the courses both in quality of video and  content.

 Final Verdict

I really enjoyed the 3 courses I did i.e.  Pan Sauces,Roasting Techniques and The Art of Stir Frying – as I learnt a whole new set of skills. In addition, you can also ask questions in the forum which is very helpful – what I also found great was that sometimes the instructors give examples of how not to do the dish- I have definitely made these fundamental mistakes in my dishes in the past. The video and audio quality is of a very high standard.

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