Grokker Cooking – why this online cooking course will elevate your cooking

Grokker  is a online cooking course that uses professional chefs and cooking experts from around the world share their recipes and techniques.

The site also offers lifestyle options like Yoga, Meditation and various other fitness programs- I however reviewed the cooking section.

I reviewed several cuisines and categories on the site and my comments are below.

What is Grokker Cooking All About?

Grokker online cooking course has about 1700 videos at the time of writing this and and cover many cuisines, topics and featured collections – the videos themselves are of high quality and what is a very good feature is you can save to watch later – so if you like a recipe you can file it to cook it when you are ready and you can also create your own collections of videos

I created a Best, Easy and Impress collection and I included e.g Chicken Involtini by Sage Russell

You can also filter recipes by topics, experts ,featured collections and you can sort videos by category e.g Chinese, BBQ and grilling etc

How many videos does Grokker  have?

Grokker  has over 1 700 videos.

Content Organisation

The content is organised into various categories below.

The way all the recipes are organised is great as it  summarises the recipe at a glance i.e. prep time, cook time,what you will need and the recipe is also in text- you can print or email it.

As mentioned there are many sort options available – I looked at “Cooking Series” and found really interesting topics like Healthy and Delicious, Quick and Healthy, Baking Basics, Italian Summer Dinner Party, The Wine Chaps, Slow Cooking 101, Quintessential Cakes, Southern Flavours, Honestly Healthy and many more.

Under “experts tab ”  there was another wide range of chefs to choose from and each chef has their own area of expertise e.g. Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Healthy Eating, American Cuisine, French Cuisine, Appetizers and Salads – to name but a few.

You can follow sections within Grokker – so if you love healthy eating you can follow this section.

Recipes I found extremely good were:

Chicken Involtini by Sage Russell

Walnut Sage Pesto by Whitney Bond

How to Make Crepes by Emily Luchetti

Spanish Almond Tapas  by John Benbow- nice and simple

Turkish Grated Carrot & Yogurt Salad- by Geoff Rigby

Mediterranean Kale Salad with Golden Raisins & Pine Nuts by Leah Putnam

Thai Chicken Coconut Milk Soup by Chef Tom

I found that the recipes were nice and easy to make and well illustrated in the videos.

How much is tuition?

You can enjoy unlimited Grokker for $14.99 per month

 Anything Free

The first 14 days are for free

Research Results for Grokker 

I looked at Facebook -.there are about 70 000 likes

Final Verdict

I recommend Grokker online cooking course for the home chef like myself – it has really easy recipes which when I cooked them,  they really came out well as the videos were so easy to follow and really made me feel like I was a chef – my family also enjoyed the new enhancements and changes to my dishes.

I recommend you try Grocker – it also gives you the added videos on exercise and yoga so you can work off the cooking dishes you have made.




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