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Online cooking to enhance your cooking skills

Hey, I’m Sean and I recently noticed that my cooking skills really needed to be improved especially when I watched programs like Master chef and Top Chef to name but a few. By comparing my cooking to the dishes cooked by the contestants on these shows – I needed to do something to make family dinner times more tasty and exciting.

I started to look for online cooking courses that would improve my basic cooking skills and help me to understand the basics of cooking instead of simply learning  recipes.

I’ve spent the last few years investigating online cooking courses and compiling information from other peoples’ reviews on forums, message boards and blogs. By personally taking the online cooking course I would be able to find out what works best to help improve cooking skills.

What are the results?

When you research online and read Online cooking reviews you’ll often find a lot of “biased” websites that just want to sell you their “revolutionary” cooking course. Also many of the cooking courses simply concentrate on recipes only and not technique. That’s why I decided to create this site to share my research results with you and to help you find an online cooking course that works and the ones to avoid based on real reviews from forums, message boards and blogs.

Do you have any experiences with online cooking courses? Let me know and I’m happy to add your personal experience with a cooking course. This will help our visitors to save time and money by being better informed about all the cooking courses available online (good or bad).