UDEMY Online Cooking Classes

How does Udemy online cooking class work?

Udemy is an online platform that showcases videos including online cooking classes led by instructors or teachers. Within in the numerous courses offered are videos on how to cook. I have only reviewed the courses which have received 5 star reviews and/or greater than 150 students that have enrolled in the class. There are many courses that I could have reviewed but, I have used the above cut off to guide me to the quality courses as some videos I reviewed were  really not worth doing as they were  too basic, had bad video quality and did not really video the actual cooking methods very well. I prefer to only recommend courses that would be worthwhile for you to do.

I reviewed the following Cooking Videos on the Udemy platform

Online Pastry School 1 week Mastery Course – this has  many 5 star reviews and has over 500 students who have enrolled- it is run by Marco Ropke a fourth generation pastry chef.

The course is divided into the following sections Basics and Fundamentals, European Classical Cakes, Baking with Chocolate, The World of Cookies and the Fundamentals of Cake Mixing and Baking.

Recipes covered include Strudel Dough, Flaky Pie Dough, American Apple Pie, French Vanilla Ice Cream, New York Cheesecake, Chouxe Paste, Gateau, Chocolate Glaze, Chocolate Soufflé, Marbled Chocolate Cake and many different cookies.

This course is rich in content and will elevate your skills to the next level and the qualities of the videos are good.

How to Bake Real Artisan Bread – this course is really informative and of high quality and is presented by a Dan McTieran who is experienced in bread making- it is a 13 lecture course and will teach you to bake artisan breads from beginning to end – I found it very interesting and it greatly improved my bread making skills which were really not great to start off with. The course covers the equipment you need and all the basic dough making techniques and secrets to successful baking of Artisan Breads.

The next 2 courses I reviewed were of a more basic and were aimed at the Dads market.

Cooking Lessons for Dad – Learn to cook the easy way – this course gives a simple overview of some basic topics by teaching your dad or anyone for that matter how to cook it covers things like cooking measurements,adventures with peanut butter, hummus, salads, some slow cooking recipes, quinoa, Mexican vegie pizza etc. – if you are after really basic ideas then this the course for you.

Dad is Cooking– this course is aimed at the single dad and is presented by a single dad- the course is a aimed at covers 3 main issues: what ideas to come up with, what ingredients do you need in your kitchen/what do you have in the fridge and then how to make it – it also covers planning for the week which tries maximise your time  -I did and overview and found it very basic which is really the point of the course – it certainly gave me some good pointers on planning meals.


How much is tuition?

The better courses prices range from $25 to about $140

 Anything Free

Yes there are a few free courses – one being Blender Recipes.

In addition you can review the course for free – Udemy gives you a 5 minute free review.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

 Research Results for Udemy 

All the courses have a rating system which is done by students actually doing the course and this gives one generally a good preview

 Final Verdict

Udemy gives you a good insight to various cooking classes but you need to be selective as many of the courses I reviewed were really basic and the quality was not very good. I suggest you register for the courses that have 5 star reviews and have established themselves as popular having at least 100 students.