Smart Kitchen Online Cooking School

If you are looking for a online cooking school that divides it’s curriculum into beginner, intermediary and advanced then this is the correct school for you. In addition to dividing the content into these categories – there are numerous drill down menus which take you to pages which explain terms and background.

I took several classes and there are numerous findings which I discovered in testing this culinary class below.

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What is Smart Kitchen?

What is Smart Kitchen

Smart Kitchen online cooking school teaches it’s  members to think and cook like chefs using Videos, Images, Charts, Text, & Novel Teaching Concepts.

The Smart Kitchen Online cooking school not only divides its curriculum into different levels of expertise( i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced) but then also divides under categories.

Categories under each level consists of introduction,basic knife skills, food preparation,cooking methods,breakfast, garde manger,proteins and stocks,sauces and soups. Smart Kitchen is a gentle path that imparts the essentials and brings every type of cooking skill level along.

Smart Kitchen online cooking school is a place for food lovers to learn to become improvisational chefs, starting with the fundamentals and moving on up to the most advanced techniques. The curriculum is progressive, where each exercise builds on the one before it.



How does Smart Kitchen work

Smart Kitchen online cooking school educates, online at your convenience, and within your budget in a similar fashion but with video & text lessons that lead to a hands on “Practical Application” of the information covered.

How many videos does Smart Kitchen  have?

Smart Kitchen has over 250  detailed cooking videos

Content Organization

The content is organized into 3 sections: Beginner,(this builds a strong foundation )Intermediate(which cultivates your skills) &Advanced (which perfects your technique)  In turn each section is broken down into Lessons, Topics & Exercises.

  • Lessons are broad categories like Knife Skills or Breakfasts.
  • Topics are narrower areas within the Lesson.
  • Exercises are the most specific.

Exercises are classified as either:

  • Educational” Exercises which generally cover the “Why’s” of cooking; or
  • Technique” Exercises which generally have a video attached and cover the “How’s” of cooking.

Look for the Video Icon      in the margin – this icon will always denote material accompanied by a video.

In addition, down the side column it give you a checklist of prerequisite sections you need to cover before doing a cooking technique,ingredients required,tools and equipment,time the cooking technique takes and yield ie determines how much you should buy.

How much is tuition?

You can enjoy unlimited, 24/7 Cooking Lessons for  $9.99 a month

 Anything Free

They offer the 1st 7 days  as a free trial

Research Results for Smartkitchen

I looked at Facebook -there were quite a few likes but no real feedback of the course.

There were however quite a few reviews on the Smart Kitchen website in respect of good customer service and the product being very good.

Over 2000 culinary institutions do use this format of learning.


Final Verdict

I have looked at many of the cooking videos on Smart Kitchen and I  recommend this course if you like the approach taken of dividing up the curriculum as described above and also if you like a more detailed explanation of terms.
The online cooking classes certainly gave me some important hints and gave me more insights into culinary terms .

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