Rouxbe Cooking School Online Course

  Rouxbe is the world’s leading online cooking school that teaches cooks at any level to become better and more confident.

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Rather than focusing exclusively on recipes, Rouxbe teaches the cooking skills and techniques behind great recipes. Using stunning close-up instructional video, practice recipes, interactive quizzes, and personalized chef feedback, Rouxbe’s 70+ online cooking classes provide professional instruction on knife skills to plating and virtually everything in between. Perhaps best of all, with Rouxbe you can now take cooking classes from your home, on your schedule, and at your own pace.


Have a look at the video below and then read my full review below the video about this online cooking course.



How does Rouxbe work?

By focusing on the the cooking techniques and having detailed instructional videos which take you through this, you can have very good understanding of fundamental cooking skills

There is also a facility that Rouxbe offers you personalised feedback on each topic from professional chefs.

Each video has a very clear and concise commentary which explains each step of the topic.

They have even introduced a Map of Cooking which takes you through how to decide,gather,prepare and execute a meal.


How many videos does Rouxbe have?

Rouxbe has over 1,100 close-up instructional videos that capture the exact  same curriculum found in professional cooking schools around the world.

How much is tuition?

Unlimited access to all content, features, and personalized chef feedback is $299.99 initiation fee and then $4.99 per month.

There is also a professional plant based course which is quite expensive and I have not looked at this course as I would rather concentrate on the general online cooking courses offered.

Anything Free

There is a free trial of 7 days available.To access the Rouxbe Cooking School, you need to become a paid Rouxbe student .In order to view the  70+ online classes that include over 1,000 videos you have to join Rouxbe. Join here by clicking Rouxbe   

Research Results for Rouxbe

Here are some Rouxbe user feed backs :

90% of Cooking Club members – many with decades of cooking experience and culinary degrees – told us that Rouxbe helped them to become better cooks.

Betsy Wray, Executive Director, Cooking Club of America

Rouxbe is truly the best online cooking school we’ve seen.

Joe Weidert, Editor-in-Chief, Delight Magazine

Never in my four decades of culinary education have I seen a resource with Rouxbe’s potential to transform the way students learn.

Richard Grausman, C-CAP Founder, culinary educator, cookbook author, and James Beard Award Winner.

Final Verdict

I have done many of the cooking videos on Rouxbe and strongly  recommend this course as it really teaches you the basic cooking skills in a very clear and concise approach. You can view the entire curriculum on 1 page and therefore focus on areas which interest you without having to follow a set course  – it has already significantly improved my cooking skills especially in the preparation of stocks which form the basis of all dishes.

My family are tasting the benefits of me doing this course and I found that I have much more confidence in the kitchen.

The course is divided into areas like sauces, how to make soup,meat, poultry, fish,vegetables, legumes, how to make salads, rice and grains, how to make stock and many more. I found that although I new a little about cooking certain things – the videos greatly enhanced my knowledge – even the basics of making a tomato sauce, I was really impressed.

The course is backed by the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver which is an impressive culinary site.

Rouxbe Cooking school has been endorsed for quality education by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation – marking a giant step forward for Rouxbe.



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