Pannacooking course lets you cook alongside famous chefs

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Panna cooking is a online cooking platform that uses well know chefs to show you how to cook various dishes. Most of the chefs have achieved fame through achieving a Michelin star or a James Beard Foundation nomination.

I took several classes and there are numerous findings which I discovered in reviewing this culinary class – see my comments below.

What is Panna Cooking All About?

Panna cooking classes are composed of very high quality videos and are structured very well in that they are divided into different logical sections of the recipe e.g. introduction, preparation etc.  The video controls allow you to go forward and back in the video which allows navigation with ease if you missed something.

You can also filter recipes by Chef, main ingredient, cuisine, meal type and collections.

Under the recipe section there are categories for American, Chicken, Egg, Italian and Pasta.

There is also a section on expert tips which will teach you how to do whipped cream in 30 seconds, make ice cream with no machine required, pie crust like a boss and many more extremely helpful tips.

Under the collections section I found an interesting category called ” Be a better cook in 9 recipes”- it teaches a really good cross section of dishes that really impress  – I cooked the Wild Mushroom Cartoccio – really good and simple to cook but impressed my family with it.

How many videos does Panna Cooking  have?

Panna Cooking  has over 350 videos where you can cook recipes with well know chefs.

Content Organization

The content is organized into various categories below. I will try and mention a few recipes that are covered by each category which I really enjoyed and found certainly enhanced my cooking skills.

Recipes I found extremely informative were:

Under the American Category

Hudson Valley Roast Turkey – I used this recipe for a chicken I did – came out really well.

Under the Chicken Category

Country Braised Chicken – this was presented by Michael Anthony and he takes you through the recipe step by step and giving you hints – it really is like cooking with a chef ( as with all the videos)- Michael is a James Beard winner as an outstanding chef.

Under Egg Category

Shakshuka with Green Chili Zhoug – this was delicious and the chef was Alon Shaya another James Beard Award winning chef who introduces middle eastern taste to this dish – I substituted the sunchokes with small potatoes.

Under Italian Category

Wild Mushroom Cartoccio by Michael Tusk – a nice easy recipe but full of flavour and good to impress your dinner party.

Under Pasta Category

Did not get round to cooking anything under this section – but all looked really good like the Red Wine Spaghetti and the Pumpkin and Sage Cannelloni.

How much is tuition?

You can enjoy unlimited Panna Cooking for only $19.99 per year

 Anything Free

They offer the 1st 30 days  as a free trial

Research Results for Panna Cooking

I looked at Facebook -and there were over 93 000 likes

Final Verdict

I recommend Panna Cooking as it teaches you some really interesting dishes and you cook with famous chefs who guide you through the recipes by high quality videos. I certainly lifted my cooking game and feel that I am really beginning to cook like the chefs in the online cooking course.

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