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Easy and Great Recipe to cook Chicken Marsala by Fabio Viviani

I came across Fabio’s Kitchen channel on youtube and I can tell you this guy has lifted my cooking to the next level (this is what my son Joshua said) – he is entertaining and really easy to follow. Not only that but he provides  really good advice on many cooking techniques – I suggest…

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How to Make Chilli Sauce by Jamie Oliver

I cooked this chilli sauce from Jamie Oliver Youtube channel and it came out really well – so easy – I used smoked paprika instead of the chilli powder Try and enjoy it here

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Gennaro’s Chicken with Chilli, Garlic and Rosemary

  I came across this highly entertaining recipe by Gennaro Contaldo – he cooks this simple yet beautiful dish in the pouring rain – I follow Gennaro on YouTube and find him very charismatic and cooks simple yet tasty meals – go check it out here Gennaro’s Chicken with Chilli, Garlic and Rosemary I cooked…

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Masterclass with Gordon Ramsey, Thomas Keller,Alice Waters and Wolfgang Puck

    Masterclass is an online platform that amongst other master class coaches who cover acting, writing sports etc there are some really good cooking courses that are presented by Gordon Ramsay,Wolfgang Puck,Thomas Keller and Alice Waters– each course is personally presented and each chef shares both cooking techniques, recipes and about ttheir careers –…

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Wolfgang Puck Cooking School – a very informative cooking experience

Wolfgang Puck Cooking School  is an online cooking course that is personally presented by Wolfgang Puck who is a world famous chef. Wolfgang shares a wealth of information from his years of experience. The Wolfgang Puck Cooking school provides  professional videos with extremely informative yet simple recipes and techniques that the home chef can use…

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